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Tim O'Reilly
About us

Who we are

Enigma Pattern is dedicated to helping organizations get the most value from their data.

We achieve this by supplementing the regular analytics processes by applying modern Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques and methodologies.

We apply our in-house developed tools, platforms and techniques together with additional relevant data-sets to help our customers extract the hidden patterns in their data.

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about us
Who we are
About us


Our ambition is to help our customers better understand their available data and use it in the best way to make the highest quality decisions for their business.

We do this by applying machine learning and artificial intelligence across the entirety of the business issue being addressed.

Taking this innovative approach enables faster project completion and the highest possible accuracy of outcomes.

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about us

Deep learning for computer vision

Object Classification


Object Detection


Image Style Transfer


Image Reconstruction


Image Super-Resolution


Their management was well organized and responsive.

Radar Manufacturer
Engineering Manager
Radar Manufacturer-Engineering Manager

It is very clear that their work has shown us and our clients sufficient value.

IoT Platform
IoT Platform-CEO

There aren’t that many people who have as good a knowledge base as the Enigma Pattern team.

Thermal Imaging Company
Technical Lead
Thermal Imaging Company-Technical Lead

It was a very collaborative and positive experience working with Enigma Pattern.

ICT Company
Principal Software Developer
ICT Company-Principal Software Developer

Enigma Pattern has delivered on time, within budget, and to our expectations.

Consumer Goods Company
Lead Producer
Consumer Goods Company -Lead Producer

Machine Learning

Machine learning has evolved from the study of pattern recognition and computational learning theory in artificial intelligence.

In Enigma Pattern we apply machine learning algorithms that can learn from and make predictions on big data. Analyzing the data, such algorithms create flexible and data-validated hypothesizes, allowing for autonomous data-driven decisions. In this rapidly evolving field we've gathered one of the best machine learning teams in the industry to help us achieve our vision.

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