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About Digica

Digica is an international software solutions company working at the forefront of the Artificial Intelligence revolution making a real difference to our clients and the world.

Company Overview


We build solutions in the Cloud, IOT and embedded systems for a range of industries, including automotive, defence, eCommerce, finance, life science, security and transportation, for major international companies and innovative start-ups alike.

Digica's strength is combining its AI expertise with world-class software development.

For example, when you combine AI with IoT you are able to build ‘AI at the edge’ applications that allows mission-critical and time-sensitive decisions to be made faster, more reliably and with greater security.

The rush to push AI to the edge is being fuelled by the rapid growth of smart devices at the edge of the network—smartphones, smart watches and sensors placed on machines and infrastructure.


Number of Machine Learning models trained

Who has the data, has the power


We value every member of our unique and highly skilled team and have developed an energetic, collaborative team spirit throughout the company.

We are passionate about …


Our Clients – We do whatever it takes to keep our clients happy.

Our Team – We employ a unique and highly skilled team that we are committed to develop and grow for the long-term.

Technology – We are all techies and thrive on innovation to break down barriers and find new solutions.

Traditional Values – We build relationships based on honesty, integrity and trust. We believe in hard work and flexibility.

Expertise At Scale


The projects we deliver really are making a difference to our clients and the world. Our technology addresses important life science, eCommerce, finance, security, industrial and transportation challenges for major international companies and innovative start-ups alike.

Digica has offices in the UK, Poland and the USA, and a distributed working environment, which helps us leverage the best global talent and deliver real value to our customers throughout Asia, Europe and North America.

Digica is an owner-led business which means we are fully vested in our performance and the successful development of our company. We are excited about the future and the difference we can make.


Do you see yourself among us? Great!