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Artificial Intelligence


Powerful solution designed to reduce development time for real-world use cases while enhancing overall quality. We have integrated a range of components and sector-specific use cases to cater to diverse industries. With quarterly updates, we ensure our AI SDK remains at the forefront of innovation.

About AI SDK


Over many years of creating AI solutions our team recognised the need for an AI SDK to accelerate our development process. As we developed this invaluable tool, we discovered its potential to benefit a wider audience. We are excited to share our comprehensive AI SDK with data scientists worldwide.


Features of Digica AI SDK

Machine Learning Template

Provides a solid foundation for developing machine learning models with pre-built architectures and algorithms. Accelerates the development process and ensures consistent quality across projects

Synthetic Data

Offers a robust solution for generating synthetic data, enabling data augmentation and reducing reliance on real-world data. Enhances model training and evaluation while maintaining data privacy and security.

Predictive Maintenance SDK


Enables predictive maintenance capabilities by leveraging advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques. Enhances equipment reliability, reduces downtime, and optimizes maintenance schedules.

Digica's AI SDK offers a comprehensive solution for accelerating the development of AI-powered applications.

With its coding and documentation standards, sector-specific use cases, and key components, our SDK empowers businesses across industries.

Embrace the power of Digica's AI SDK to transform your projects and stay ahead in the competitive landscape.

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